Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Oh, hail!

 Springtime in central Alabama means strong storms, occasional tornadoes, and the potential for large hail.  Last night, all three were in the forecast, so it was time for me to deploy my vehicle hail protector, or as my wife calls it, the "bounce house".  Since I haven't yet figured out how to fit three cars in our two-car garage, my daily driver Chevy Malibu stays outside.  I have a cover that protects it from damaging UV rays during the weekends when I don't drive the vehicle, but last night more was required.  Thus, Hail Protector.  This is basically a two layer car cover, with a fan that blows air between the layers to create a cushion that protects against falling hailstones.  After some time spent to assemble the device and learn how to efficiently install it, I can now deploy it in about 15 minutes.  So last evening, I had it in place before the expected storms.  It turned out to be a false alarm, and fortunately there was no severe weather in our area.  But should the risk of damaging hail again loom, I will be ready with my bounce house.

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