Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Fresh bread

 A few weeks ago, I mentioned the new scratch-and-sniff stamp issue by La Poste, the French postal system.  My hopes that I'd receive one on a Postcrossing postcard were satisfied today when I found a card from Marie in my mailbox.  How does it smell, you ask?  Well, to be honest, it's a little disappointing.  It does have a mild smell, and it's not unpleasant.  But I wouldn't have said it smells like a baguette.  More like a vague scent of baked goods- and something sweet, like a vanilla cupcake.  But definitely not a traditional French baguette, in my opinion.  Still, points to La Poste for the attempt.  France ranks among countries with some of the nicest stamps, I've always said.  Finland is the clear winner as far as interesting stamps, in my judgement.  But the stamps from France are usually large, very beautiful, and artistic.  And since France is not among the most active Postcrossing nations, cards from there are fairly rare which increases their value.  Vive La Poste!

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