Saturday, July 6, 2024

Just my type 6

 New on the shelf this week: a steel behemoth from the 50s.  I have recently assumed the role of the current custodian of a beautiful Remington Rand Standard typewriter from 1956.  It was purchased from another devoted typewriter collector who is at a stage in life where the collection needed to be downsized.  I've not yet reached that point myself, so I was happy to receive this ponderous tabletop office machine from the decade before I was born.  As any typewriter enthusiast can tell you, machines of this era were made to last, and this one is no exception.  It has been very lovingly cared for by its previous owners and comes to me in virtually pristine condition.  At 68 years old, it functions as well as the day it was made.  The main theme of my typewriter collection tends towards smaller portable machines, but I have to say I really am impressed with this one.  Meant as a heavy-duty office tool, these typers were built to be durable and versatile.  I am sure I will happily generate many letters and documents on this beautiful analog writing device for many years to come,

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